Sound Healing

In fact, sound and vibration are all around us. When we consciously choose to have sounds in our environment that allow us to calm down, our personal vibration also changes.

Sound, like music, is an international language. The information decoded through hearing acts on a level beyond the mental. They act on mental, physical and energy levels. Through sound, all people can come together without knowing each other.

Sound is constantly in and around us, and through hearing, we do not stop for a moment to receive and decode our environment.

The experience of sound therapy alone is already something very powerful. It helps you to travel very deep and many times it is like getting out of your body when you are in a place where these instruments play with such unique timbres.

Sound healing is a meditation practice in which we let the body relax and the mind travels through the sounds we use. It gives us a pleasant feeling like when we watch a concert or when we listen to music for relaxation. Commonly it is practiced in groups but also in 1 on 1 sessions.

What is higher
and lower frequency?

When we refer to vibrations – frequencies we first refer to what physics defines as a wave. Sound is the result of the oscillation of air molecules with pulsating movements from the moment a body is set in motion, vibration or oscillation.

Sound is a form of energy that travels in space, the frequency of a wave is related to its energy. The more energy the wave has the farther it can reach. For example, a low frequency has more energy than a high frequency and causes more vibration.

Why does sound
have healing properties?

The healing properties of the sound have long been known in ancient times. It has been observed many times that certain frequencies have a calming effect on the mind, and the sensation of vibrations in the body has an analgesic effect.

Sound has been used since antiquity to influence people’s moods and emotions. From treatment of mental disorders, encouragement during battle, until recently when specific music is used in supermarkets and workplaces because it works on a subconscious level and affects people’s rhythm.

We also know from antiquity uses of sounds and music for the union of people, for ceremonies that aim to bring people into a transcendental state so that people feel that they are in communication with the whole, or the divine as defined in each case. We know that they used sounds of percussion, wind, and psalms/mantras during ceremonies that lasted many hours.