The sound healing and the other energy therapies that are combined in this workshop have a strong psycho-mental effect. All of these methods are aimed at balancing energy, reducing stress, and relaxing.

They can be done individually and in combination as complete treatments. In no case do they replace medicine and no disease is diagnosed. They can be supplemented in many cases when one is receiving medical treatment. If someone follows an alternative method of treatment a sound therapy session can be equally effective.

In our sessions no diseases are diagnosed, no medical treatments are performed, no substances or drugs are prescribed or the treatments of doctors are inserted. Such a thing is not licensed by someone who has received Reiki education, sound therapy, crystal therapy, aromatherapy.

Note: It is recommended that you visit an authorized physician or licensed occupational physician for a physical or psychological condition, including epilepsy. If someone has been diagnosed with a mental illness or is taking any medication, they need to consult the attending physician before joining us in any of our sessions.